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Week 2 BUSINESS FORMS WORKSHEET of LAW531 course of the University OF Phoenix is available at just 20 dollars.


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Sample from the paper:

Sole Proprietorship




  1. Starting a sole proprietorship is very easy. No legal formalities are involved in it.


  1. Direct motivation: The entrepreneur holds all the risks and the profits. He alone handles the business.


  1. Decision making is simpler aw he doesn’t asks anyone  for permission.




  1. Limited resources: Person has to pool his savings and his means of arrangement.


  1. Limited managerial capability: The person starting the business doesn’t have all the capabilities hence managerial capabilities are limited to his capabilities only.


  1. Uncertainity of Continuity: Business may come to an end with the death of the proprietor or when his funds run out.




 Freelance writing would be my choice for starting a sole proprietorship. It doesn’t involve any other person and is based upon my skill only. Being online most of the time this could save money as I could work from home. All the press releases, blog posts sales copy would be handled alone in freelance writing case......................

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