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PSY/322 Marketing Research and Promotional Message

PSY/322 Week 3 Marketing Research and Promotional Message is available for $10 only !




Written Analysis - Marketing Research & Promotional Message   - 1,000 to 1,200 words 


Select one of the following consumer groups: teenagers, Baby Boomers, females, or minorities.


A. Provide responses to the following questions as they relate to your specific consumer group:

 1.     Explain what criteria defines your group. (Who are they?What is important to them? Why is this important?)

 2.     Utilizing secondary sources, analyze and explain the different facets of your group. Include at least 2 references.

 3.     Research and analyze the consumer needs, perceptions, and attitudes of your group.  Include at least 2 references.

 4.     Using this research, identify and explain your group's consumer needs, perceptions, and attitudes.

 5.     Summarize your findings.


B.  Explain and discuss how and why your group's consumer needs, perceptions, and attitudes are to be used to create marketing communication messages. Include at least two examples.


Summarize your findings.

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