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HCS/245 Community Health Promotion Tool

March 9, 2015

HCS/245 Week 3 Community Health Promotion Tool Paper ( INTERVIEW) is Available for $10.




Resources: Internet, University Library and the textbook, Human Diseases.


You are creating a community health promotion resource that addresses a cardiovascular subject of your choosing. You are creating this tool for a segmented population of health care consumers.


Create an informational tool (350 to 700 words) in the form of one of the following:


News transcript




Other option approved by your instructor


Include the following in your resource:

  • Identify the disease or subject of focus.
  • Identify the population.
  • Focus your information on the specific cultural beliefs of the population that you have chosen and how treatment and management of the disease might be affected by these aspects.
  • Explain how this disease and the management of it affect resources in society.

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