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PSY/322 Week 2 Marketing Communications Memo

June 4, 2015

PSY/322 Week 2 Marketing Communications Memo is available for $10 only !




You are the Marketing Director of an organization and are being asked to develop a communication memo, based upon your marketing plan.  Your goal is to create an integrated marketing communications plan which will increase your customer base.


Select one of the following scenarios, where an organization is creating an integrated marketing communications plan to increase its customer base, as the basis for your memo:

  • You are the owner of a small business in a large metropolitan area. You specialize in designer women’s clothing.
  • You have been hired by a national toy manufacturer to develop and create a new line of educational toys for kids aged 7-10.
  • You are the marketing director for a military veteran’s foundation that must raise money to create a fallen heroes monument.

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word memo to the organization’s management team and discuss the importance of demographic and psychographic information in developing marketing communications.


Choose two demographics, such as race, age, location, income, religion, or marital status; and two psychographics, such as personality, buying motives, interests, attitudes, beliefs, and values.


Identify, define, and describe which types of demographic data and psychographic information would be most helpful to the organization as they create their plan.  Explain your rationale for choosing the specific demographics and psychographics.


Analyze, explain, and summarize the influence these elements have on the marketing communications for the organization.

Provide a rationale for each of your decisions.


Summarize your findings and provide rationale for each of your decisions. Utilize APA format.

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