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SOC/262 White Privilege and Colorism

October 13, 2015

SOC/262 Week 2 White Privilege and Colorism is available for $10 only !



Answer questions on the White Privilege and Colorism worksheet.

Write a 350- to 700-word essay comparing and contrasting White privilege and colorism, using the answers on the worksheet.

Submit your worksheet and essay to the Assignment Files tab.

What is White privilege?

  • If you are White, what are examples you can think of where you have experienced and/or currently experience White privilege?
  • If you are a person of color, what are some examples of being denied privilege due to your color?
  • What other kinds of privileges exist in American society, such as male, wealth, beautify, stature, education, last name?) How do they provide privilege?
  • Can you think of privileges that change, depending on the social context, such as a deaf student using sign language in a deaf community, or an African American member of NAACP)? Provide some examples
  • What is colorism?  How did this idea develop, and what are its roots? 

  • What are some examples of colorism within today’s overall American society? 
  • To what extent does colorism exist within each minority community in the U.S.? Give some examples.

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