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PSY/340 Open Book Test

PSY/340 Week 4 Open Book Test is available for $15 only!



A test covering chapters 9-12 in the course text will be posted to your private mailbox before the beginning of Week 4.  Please download the attachment, complete the test, and submit your answers, as a Word a…

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PSY/340 Unique Perceptions

PSY/340 Week 3 Unique Perceptions is available for $10 only!



One's personal psychology begins with one's perceptions, or interpretations, of the stimuli received each day through the five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.  While much of how we interpret …

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PSY/340 Brain Structures and Functions Worksheet

PSY/340 Week 1 Brain Structures and Functions Worksheet is available for $10 only!



In the chart below, provide the missing information -- either the name of each region illustrated, or the function of each region -- and then provide the letter for the location of ea…

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